30 Classic Juan Gabriel Jams in Honor of His Birthday (2023)

Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel is truly a Latinx legend. He wrote and recorded over 1,000 songs and sold a whopping 100 million records. Songs of his are an undeniable, integral part of Latinx culture and our everyday experiences. Juanga is one of our major pop culture icons, forever.

January 7, 1950, marks Juan Gabriel’s birthday and to honor what would have been the Divo of Juarez’s 70th birthday, we wanted to share 30 of his unforgettable songs. For the full Juan Gabriel experience, we included videos for each song, some being the single’s official music video, and others including epic live performances. Enjoy!

“Hasta Que Te Conoci”

“Hasta Que Te Conoci” is one of Juan Gabriel’s most popular songs and the novela that recently gave fans a glimpse into the star’s life. The single was on the album Pensamientosand was released in 1986, reaching #2 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

“El Noa Noa”

“El Noa Noa ” is a Juan Gabriel jam that you won’t be able to get out of your head and will want to dance along to. But did you know that the Noa Noa was an actual place? The song was an homage to the bar in Juarez, Mexico, where Juan got his start singing as a teenager.

“Asi Fue”

Juan Gabriel was a prolific songwriter, creating epic songs that were recorded by big artists that he too sang. “Asi Fue” was written by Juanga and first performed by Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja in 1988, becoming a hit. Juan Gabriel later sang the song during a live performance that led to the live album Celebrando 25 Años de Juan Gabriel: En Concierto en el Palacio de Bellas Artes.

“Abrazame Muy Fuerte”

“Abrazame Muy Fuerte” is a sweeping, dramatic love song that was used as the theme song for the 2000-2001 novela of the same name. The single hit number one on both the Billboard Hot Latin Songs and Latin Pop Songs chart, and won Gabriel three Billboard Music Awards (Hot Latin Track of the Year, Latin Pop Airplay Track of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year).

“Amor Eterno”

The beautiful thing about Juan Gabriel songs is that they often reach right to the heart, with their special lyrics and sense of emotion. “Amor Eterno” is a perfect example of this. Juan Gabriel is said to have written this song about the death of his mother (but there are other theories). Although he too, performed “Amor Eterno,” it is also associated with Spanish singer Rocio Durcal, who famously recorded and released its first in 1978.

(Video) Querida, Contigo Aprendi, Bonita, La Diferencia, Querida, Que Te Pasa, Toda La Vida, Mu...


“Querida” might be Juan Gabriel’s most famous song. It is another one that gets stuck in your head, that so many Latinxs know the words to. First released in 1984, on the album Recuerdos, Vol. II, it was covered by Chayanne, Maldita Vencidad, and Los Olestar, before Juan Gabriel recorded a new version as a duet with Colombian singer Juanes in 2015.

“La Frontera”

Juan Gabriel would take some of his biggest jams and revamp them through collaborations with the latest big artists. This is exactly what she did with the song “La Frontera.” It was originally released in 1980 and in 2015, he rerecorded it with the help of Julion Alvarez and J Balvin for his album, Los Dúo, Vol. 2.

“Por Que Me Haces Llorar?”

“Por Que Me Haces Llorar” is a song off of Juan Gabriel’s 1996 album, Juan Gabriel. It is his plaintive plea asking his object of affection to stop hurting him. Juanga had so many songs that spoke on love, both good and bad, that resonates (and continue to resonate) with people everywhere.

“Te Lo Pido Por Favor”

Released in 1986, “Te Lo Pido Por Favor” is another touching love song by Juan Gabriel. In it, he pleads to his great love to not leave him. The jam was covered by Banda El Recodo in 1994, Jaguares in 2002, and Caifanes in 2008.

“Dejame Vivir”

Juan Gabriel were great friends, icons, and collaborators who created legendary music together. A song they recorded was the duet, “Dejame Vivir.” It proved to be one of Durcal’s biggest hits, and her album it appears on, Canta A Juan Gabriel Volumen 6, also became a massive success.

“Siempre en Mi Mente”

Another Juan Gabriel song worth taking a listen to is “Siempre En Mi Mente.” The sad breakup song about finding it hard to forget a recent love is timeless but was first recorded by Juan in 1978. Covers have been done by artists including Julieta Venegas, Banda El Recodo, and Pepe Aguilar.

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“Que Divino Amor”

Love was the topic of so many Juan Gabriel songs. “Que Divino Amor” was a single off his El Alma Joven III and released in 1973. It speaks on “divine love,” one that changes a person’s whole world. You can always count on Juan Gabriel for those canciones that put the feelings of love into beautiful words and songs.

“No Tengo Dinero”

Another Juanga jam you’ll want to sing along with (especially when you’re feeling broke) is the classic jam, “No Tengo Dinero.” First released in 1971, the song was part of Juan Gabriel’s very first studio album, El Alma Joven, and his first single. Fast forward to 2003, and you have A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings covering the song, with Juan Gabriel and El Gran Silencio.

“Te Sigo Amando”

“Te Sigo Amando” is another dramatically perfect Juan Gabriel song. It was released in 1980, on the album Ella, but used as the theme song for the 1996 novela of the same name. Like several other Juanga songs, this one is about love, but the kind you can’t forget, even when it’s over.

“Te Voy a Olvidar”

Juan Gabriel music is the perfect soundtrack when you need to listen to great music while you cry it out during a breakup and build up your strength. A specific song to check out is “Te Voy A Olvidar.” It’s the one to belt out when you are done with someone and know you deserve better.

“El Destino”

Another song that brought back together the legendary Juan Gabriel and iconic Rocio Durcal is the song “El Destino.” It is a single off their 1997 album, Juntos Otra Vez, and speaks on the brother and sister love the two musical collaborators and friends had for one another.

“Si Quieres”

Next on our list of Juan Gabriel songs you need to know is “Si Quieres.” Released in 1982, it appears on the album Cosas de Enamorados and speaks about that wonderful feeling we all love — love.

“No Vale La Pena”


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The year 1983 saw the release of the album Todo, which includes the song “No Vale La Pena.” The song is perfect for what seems to happen in dating these days; he lets his love know that a little bit of love is just not enough. Know your worth and crank up this jam!

“Pero Que Necesidad”

“Pero Que Necesidad” is a Juan Gabriel jam that made it to #1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1994. Juanga has had six other #1 songs: “Abrazame Muy Fuerte,” “Debo Harcerlo,” “Te Sigo Amando,” “El Destino,” “Yo No Se Que Paso,” and “El Palo.”

“La Diferencia”

“La Diferencia” is a song about unrequited love, that appears on Juan Gabriel’s fourteenth studio album, 1980’s Juan Gabriel con Mariachi. Did you know that the Mexican artist also released two more albums that year, “Ella,” and “Recuerdos?”

“Inocente Pobre Amigo”

Another of Juan Gabriel’s top songs is “Inocente Pobre Amigo.” This single is also off the 1980 album Juan Gabriel con Mariachi. It speaks both to a cheating partner and the “poor innocent friend” who she will no doubt do the same to.

“Con Tu Amor”

Juan Gabriel released the song “Con Tu Amor” in 1981. It is from the album of the same name and is yet another example of Juanga’s grand sense of romanticism. The song speaks about how love has erased sorrow and pain, replacing it with happiness.

“Si Me Olvidó Otra Vez”

In addition to love, another common thread across some of Juan Gabriel’s songs is pain, loss, and sorrow. One example of this is “Si Me Olvidó Otra Vez.” It is about forgetting that he is not with his love anymore and waiting for that to change.


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“Costumbres” is another song written by Juan Gabriel that he and others recorded. It was first recorded by Rocio Durcal for her 1985 album Canta A Juan Gabriel Volumen 6. Gabriel sang it himself on 1998’s Celebrando 25 Años de Juan Gabriel: En Concierto en el Palacio de Bellas Artes. Artists who covered “Costumbres” include Selena, La India, and Lupita D’Alessio.

“Yo No Naci Para Amar”

“Yo No Naci Para Amar” is a sad song, released in 1980, about not finding love, and feeling that you weren’t born for love. Juan Gabriel was not afraid to be vulnerable in his music, and explore all the emotions and facets of love and the lack of it.

“La Farsante”

In the song “La Farsante,” Juan Gabriel directly speaks to the lover who betrayed him with hurt and anger, calling her a fake. The song was originally released in 1983; in 2015, Lila Downs released a duet version with Juanga.

“He Venido a Pedirte Perdon”

It seems like Juan Gabriel has a song for every romantic situation. In “He Venido a Pedirte Perdon,” Juan Gabriel plays the role of the repentant lover who accepts responsibility for the relationship going wrong and hopes that his love never feels as bad as he does. The cancion appears on Juanga’s 1980 album Recuerdos.

“A Mi Guitarra”

“A Mi Guitarra” is a 1976 jam, from the album of the same name, in which Juan Gabriel shows appreciation for his guitar. He calls his guitarra his friend, the source of his music, and the reason he is happy and no longer alone.

“Si Dios Me Ayuda”

Juan Gabriel even has a song for people in love who are apart from each other. “Si Dios Me Ayuda,” which was released in 1974, has him asking his partner to wait for him while he is away, that if God helps him, he will be back and the sacrifice will be worth it.


This next song from Juan Gabriel sounds like a novela, weaving an interesting story. In “Caray,” Juan Gabriel lets his ex know that if she married him, she wouldn’t be suffering now. But she had refused him for being poor, choosing instead to marry an old rich man, who then abandoned her. After having cried, Juanga is now the one who is happy, knowing that life isn’t about money, but rather love.

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What song made Juan Gabriel famous? ›

In 1971, Juan Gabriel released his first studio album El Alma Joven..., which included the song "No Tengo Dinero", which became his debut single and his first hit.

How did Juan Gabriel celebrate his 45th anniversary as a recording artist? ›

In 2016, Gabriel celebrated his 45th anniversary as a recording artist by releasing “Vestido de Etiqueta por Eduardo Magallanes.” Gabriel sang 34 of his own classics with an orchestral accompaniment. It was #1 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart when Gabriel passed away.

How many songs did Juan Gabriel sing? ›

Juan Gabriel, who has died aged 66, is considered to be one of Latin American greatest singer-songwriters of all time. The Mexican wrote around 1,500 songs, many of which made hits for and brought fame and fortune to countless contemporary pop stars.

Who sang Juan Gabriel songs? ›

His songs were covered by a lengthy list of Latin artists, including Ana Gabriel (no relation), Rocio Durcal, Isabel Pantoja, Raúl Di Blasio, Marc Anthony, and Son del Son, the latter group having released two albums comprised entirely of Gabriel material, Costumbres and Son de Juan.

What song does Gabriel play on the piano the 100? ›

Throughout the Series

He plays the piano and sings "Add it Up".

Why is Juan Gabriel so important? ›

Along with legends such as José Alfredo Jiménez and Armando Manzanero, Juan Gabriel is considered as one of the composers who renewed the Mexican song in all its forms and styles (ranchera, corridos, bolero, balada, etc.).

Who did Juan Gabriel leave his money to? ›

At that point, we knew the artist had four official kids: Iván, Joan, Hans and Jean. The testament had been read and it was revealed that Juan Gabriel had left everything to Iván, who would distribute the money among all four kids.

Who was the first Latin artist to win artist of the Year? ›

Bad Bunny becomes first Latin artist to win IFPI award.

What did Juan Gabriel wear? ›

A flamboyant performer, Juan Gabriel, whose real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez, liked to wear jackets covered in sequins or dress in shiny silk outfits in hot pink, turquoise blue or canary yellow, and he was known for tossing his head before dancing or jumping around the stage.

Who has the record for most song sung by a singer? ›


Lata Mangeshkar started her career in the year 1942 and over the years, she recorded as many as 50,000 songs in 14 languages. During the 1960s, she recorded 30,000 songs and won the Guinness World Record. Following the same, she became the most recorded voice in history.

Who has sung the most songs ever? ›

Asha Bhosle – Most recorded artist in music history.

Who has sung the most songs? ›

The sisters Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, who have mainly worked in Hindi films, are two of the best-known and most prolific playback singers in India. In 2011, Guinness officially acknowledged Bhosle as the most recorded artist in music history.

When did Juan Gabriel sing at the Rose Bowl? ›

Juan Gabriel played the Rose Bowl in the summer of 1993. It was billed as a benefit for his orphanage in Juárez, but the concert was a taking back of space -- cultural, political, social -- that Latinos had been denied.

When was Juan Gabriel's last concert? ›

Juan Gabriel embarked on his latest tour on Aug. 19, and performed to a sold-out Forum in Los Angeles on Friday. Sunday, signs posted outside the Don Haskins Center said the concert had been canceled, but made no mention of Juan Gabriel's death.

How many languages did Juan Gabriel sing in? ›

Born Alberto Aguilera Valadez and known by his stage name Juan Gabriel, this prolific singer-songwriter wrote some 1,800 songs and recorded with 800 artists in seven languages.

What Led Zeppelin songs have piano? ›

Led Zeppelin fans who play the piano know that certain songs by the legendary band are particularly well-suited to be played on keyboard instruments. Some of these are All My Love," "No Quarter," "Stairway to Heaven," "Your Time Is Gonna Come," and more---and they're all here in this collectible sheet music anthology.

How important is Gabriel in the Bible? ›

What are the duties of the Archangel Gabriel? As a saint, Gabriel is also the patron saint. Because of his role as the Angel of the Annunciation, who brought the message of Jesus' birth to the Mother of God, he is the Holy Patron Saint of all those who work in the field of communication and telecommunications.

Is Juan Gabriel related to Ana Gabriel? ›

The album also included a tribute to Mexico's most popular singer-songwriter, Juan Gabriel (no relation).

Did Juan Gabriel have a child? ›

How much money did Juan Gabriel leave? ›

Along with an incalculable musical legacy, Mexican singer Juan Gabriel left behind a fortune valued at around $30 million, according to CelebryNetWorth.com.

Why was Juan Gabriel an orphan? ›

“His mother left him at an orphanage at the age of four, an event Gabriel stated was his earliest memory,” the magazine said. “In his youth, Gabriel sang music he concocted in his head while selling tortillas on the street.”

Who is the biggest selling Latin artist of all time? ›

Luis Miguel is the artist with the most entries on the certified list with fourteen albums, while Colombian pop singer Shakira has the most entries by a female artist with four.

Who is the most Grammy awarded Latin singer? ›

  • René Pérez Joglar "Residente" has won the most Latin Grammy Awards, winning a total of 27 awards.
  • René Pérez Joglar "Residente" with 28 awards, has won more than any other male artist.
  • Natalia Lafourcade with 14 awards is the most awarded female artist, followed by Shakira with 12 awards.

Who is the most successful Latin singer? ›

Julio Iglesias

What is this? Born Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva, Julio Iglesias is considered the most commercially successful Spanish singer in the world.

Who inspired Juan Gabriel? ›

During his formative years at the orphanage, Juanga met his first mentor, Juan Contreras, who introduced him to music and singing. This sparked his passion for music and led him to pursue a career in the industry.

Does Juan Gabriel have a star? ›

The star in category of Recording is located at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard. “Juan Gabriel Rest in Peace.

Where did Juan Gabriel live? ›

Image of Where did Juan Gabriel live?
Michoacán, formally Michoacán de Ocampo, officially the Estado Libre y Soberano de Michoacán de Ocampo, is one of the 31 states which, together with Mexico City, comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico. The state is divided into 113 municipalities and its capital city is Morelia.

What is the most listened to sing in the world? ›

1. 'Blinding Lights' by The Weeknd (3.59 billion streams)

Who is the biggest selling singing artist of all time? ›

Top-selling artists worldwide as of 2022

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales. Second is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sales, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units.

What's the most popular song in the world? ›

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd is the most-streamed song on Spotify, with over 3.6 billion streams.

What is the best-selling 12 inch single of all time? ›

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Blue Monday, a landmark release by New Order that's widely acknowledged as the biggest-selling 12-inch single of all time.

What is the most downloaded song of all time? ›

Most Downloaded Songs Ever
  1. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas - From "Blackmail" ...
  2. Samne Ye Kaun Aya - From "Jawani Diwani" ...
  3. Chalte Chalte - Part 1 / From "Chalte Chalte" ...
  4. Churi Nahin Yeh Mera Dil Hai - From "Gambler" ...
  5. Dilbar Mere - From "Satte Pe Satta" ...
  6. Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar - From "Amar Akbar Anthony"

Which singer has the most fans? ›

Popularity rankingArtistFans tracking
01RihannaFans tracking: 5,063,877
02DrakeFans tracking: 5,054,623
03ColdplayFans tracking: 4,949,751
04EminemFans tracking: 4,935,243
94 more rows

Who holds the record for most lyrics in a song? ›

The Most Words in a Song Questions

Answer: Eminem. Detroit-native, Eminem, set the Guinness world record with the song "Rap God" clocking in 1,560 words in six minutes. Eminem rapped an average of 4.28 words per second in the track.

How did Gabriel get famous? ›

Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950) is an English musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and activist. He rose to fame as the original lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis. After leaving Genesis in 1975, he launched a successful solo career with "Solsbury Hill" as his first single.

Who did Juan Gabriel wrote Amor Eterno for? ›

Juan Gabriel wrote “Amor Eterno” as a “prayer of love” for his mother, who died when the artist was in his 20s and just starting his career as a musician. “That song is very important on the border, because on Aug.

Who wrote cancion del mariachi? ›

“Cancion del Mariachi,” a song written and performed by Los Lobos and sung by actor Antonio Banderas in the opening scenes of “Desperado,” was initially rejected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences music branch executive committee.

What does the name Gabriel mean in the Bible? ›

The name Gabriel translated from Hebrew means: God is my strength or God is my hero.

Is Gabriel a biblical name? ›

Gabriel is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God is my strength" or "a hero of God." The name has significant meaning to those of the Christian faith because Gabriel is the angel in the Bible who tells Mary she will bear the son of God.

What does the name Gabriel mean? ›

Meaning:God is my strength; hero of God. A boy's name of Hebrew origin, Gabriel is an angelic choice for baby. That's because Gabriel is the name of the Archangel who features prominently in both Christianity and Islam.

What is the sad song about losing someone in Spanish? ›

1. "Si No Te Hubieras Ido” by Marco Antonio Solís. This song expresses the sheer pain of loss.

Who sang at Juan Gabriel's funeral? ›

Mexican singer Alejandra Avalos, who performed at the ceremonies held in honor of Juan Gabriel, told Telemundo that “to me he was the greatest idol our country has ever brought forth, at the level of an Elton John.” And yet, the comparison to Elton John doesn't quite encapsulate the status Juan Gabriel achieved in ...

Who was the first black man to play in the Rose Bowl? ›

He was the first African American to play quarterback in a Rose Bowl.
Charles Fremont West.
Biographical details
DiedNovember 20, 1979 (aged 80) Washington, D.C., U.S.
Playing career
1920–1923Washington & Jefferson
17 more rows

Who owns the Rose Bowl stadium? ›

The stadium and adjacent Brookside Golf and Country Club are owned by the city of Pasadena and managed by the Rose Bowl Operating Company, a non-profit organization whose board is selected by council members of the city of Pasadena. UCLA and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses also have one member on the company board.

Who was the first famous mariachi singer? ›

With the breakup of the large haciendas, charros were no longer economically necessary but were used as a cultural ideal, especially by the film industry in the mid-20th century. The first charro movies date from the 1920s, but the first to sing mariachi was Tito Guízar in Allá en el Rancho Grande in 1936.

What was the name of the first mariachi to record? ›

In autumn of 1908, four musicians from Cocula, Jalisco, known as the Cuarteto Coculense or Mariachi de Justo Villa, became the first mariachi to make phonograph recordings, cutting some 60 sides for the Edison, Victor, and Columbia labels, all of which had primitive recording facilities in Mexico City at that time.

What is mariachi music called? ›

mariachi, small Mexican musical ensemble composed of a variety of mostly stringed instruments. In addition to referring to an ensemble, the term mariachi is also used for the individual performer of mariachi music or for the music itself.


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3. Rocio Durcal, Juan Gabriel - Fue Un Placer Conocerte (En Vivo)
(Rocío Dúrcal)
4. My Back Pages (Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton & George Harrison)
(Randal Sterling)
5. Juan Gabriel - Canción 187 (Cover Audio)
(Juan Gabriel)
6. Marc Anthony - Abrázame Muy Fuerte (Cover Audio Video)
(Marc Anthony)


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