Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (2023)

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Are you wondering, if Chiang Mai, Thailand’s fun and vibrant, yet laid-back northern capital, is worth visiting? Read all about the best reasons to visit Chiang Mai!

I asked my friends Dotti & Zandy at Travel Oasis since they’ve spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai over the years and have gotten to know this city very intimately.

Chiang Mai has much to offer any visitor: ancient history, incredible food, nature at your doorstep, and all the comforts you could ask for.

If you’re wondering if Chiang Mai is worth visiting, read our list of 10 reasons to visit Chiang Mai and discover why a stop in Chiang Mai is definitely worth it.

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10 Reasons to Visit Chiang Mai

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1. Explore the Numerous Temples

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (1)

If Bangkok is the City of Angels, then Chiang Mai is the City of Temples. Chiang Mai is absolutely overflowing with beautiful temples, and this alone makes Chiang Mai worth visiting.

Chiang Mai was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. This dynasty reigned for nearly 500 years and it left behind dozens of beautiful temples in its wake.

There are over 300 temples found in Chiang Mai, but we’ll just focus on some of the most popular, and our favorites.

  • Wat Phra Sing

Wat Phra Sing is the most popular temple in the city because it holds Chiang Mai’s most important Buddha image, the Lion Buddha. The most prominent feature of the temple complex is the enormous chapel that features both wood carvings and northern-style murals.

  • Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang dates back to the 15th century and used to be one of the tallest structures in Chiang Mai. It was damaged by an earthquake in the 16th century, but it’s still very beautiful and also holds the claim to fame for once housing the jade Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha), which is now found in the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

  • Wat Phan Tao

Located right next to Wat Chedi Luang is Wat Phan Tao. This ancient temple is unique in that it is made entirely of teak.

  • Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. It’s often referred to as the elephant temple, due to the 15 elephant figures at the base of the large chedi, the lotus pond, the library, and the Ubosot.

(Video) Easily the BEST Chiang Mai trip I've ever had! (3 perfect days)

  • Wat Umong

Wat Umong is a beautiful 700-year-old temple set in a secluded, forested location away from the city. One of the most interesting features of this temple is the cave-like tunnels crisscrossing the temple grounds. Relaxing by the lake is a particularly excellent way to unwind.

  • Wat Sri Suphan

Wat Sri Suphan is quite the sight! This temple is made of silver metals and alloys. It’s kind of like the White Temple in Chiang Rai, but a lot less touristy. The bad news? Women are not allowed inside. Boo!

2. Doi Suthep

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (2)

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, or as it’s most commonly known, Doi Suthep, is located just on the western outskirts of Chiang Mai.

Doi Suthep is one of Thailand’s most sacred temples on the mountain overlooking the city.

It’s so important to Chiang Mai that there’s a very famous Thai saying that “if you haven’t seen the view from Doi Suthep, you haven’t been to Chiang Mai.”

That’s a big statement, but still, Chiang Mai is worth visiting to see this very special place. If the skies are clear, you’ll also be rewarded with great views over the city.

Luckily, it’s also very easy to visit. There are multiple ways to get there.

  • Drive yourself. Rent a scooter and take Hwy 1004 (Huay Kaew Road) towards Chiang Mai Zoo. You’ll know you’re on the right track if you pass Maya Mall (it’s really big – you can’t miss it). It’s an easy drive so only minimal scooter experience is required.
  • Take a songthaew. Multiple songthaews (the red trucks that you’ll see all over Chiang Mai’s roads) head to Doi Suthep from Chiang Mai. Flag one down and ask if they’re heading in that direction. It should cost around 60 THB per person each way and take around 45 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • You can charter an entire songthaew. This should cost around 800-1000 THB ($25-$30 USD).
  • You can order a Grab. As with almost anywhere in Thailand, you can use the rideshare app Grab to ‘grab a ride’ to Doi Suthep.
  • Walk. You can actually just walk up the mountain! First, go along Suthep Road, past Chiang Mai University. When you see a green area, you’ll notice some billboards and a sign reading ‘nature hike’. Turn right, go straight for about 100 meters, and then take the first left. Follow this road to the trailhead. The entire walk should take around 2 – 3 hours.

Once you get to the mountain, you have to climb over 300 stairs. The temple is located in a national park, so there are various walking trails to explore and some waterfalls you can swim in. While these may not reach the level of some other waterfalls we have been to (notably Gartmore Falls and Duwili Ella in Sri Lanka and along the Jatbula Trail in Australia), these are still very beautiful and well worth a visit!

Our recommendation? Spend the entire day in the park, enjoying the many hiking trails and beautiful nature.

The temple is open from 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM every day and while the temple is free to visit, entry to the national park costs 100 THB ($3 USD) per person.

Doi Suthep is still a temple, so you will need to dress appropriately (no shorts and shoulders must be covered).

Pro tip: It can also get very busy, so time your visit: during the day, mid-week is best. Avoid the weekends!

You can also visit Doi Suthep and Wat Umong (another one of Chiang Mai’s most-popular temples), on a night tour (via Viator).

3. Relax with Massages

With a massage center seemingly on every block, there are enough places in Chiang Mai that you could spend a year here and still probably try a new one every week.

So yes, Chiang Mai is worth visiting because you can spoil yourself with daily (or twice daily) massages.

Whatever you want in a massage, you can find it in Chiang Mai. Want it basic and cheap? Sure thing. Want to splash out and get a luxury treatment? Yep, you can find that too.

What’s particularly great about Chiang Mai’s massage scene is the increasingly popular, social justice-oriented massages done by ex-prisoners.

These massage centers train and employ women who have been imprisoned at the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison. The goal is to provide women with professional skills, so they can reintegrate into society successfully and reduce the risk of reoffending.

There are now a number of massage centers in Chiang Mai offering the service. We visited the Women’s Massage Center by Ex-Prisoners.

Dotti’s massage was fantastic and Zandy’s was good (but not great). But we can both confidently say that supporting this social enterprise was a great way to spend our money in Chiang Mai.

Pro tip: if you’re really looking for a massage on the cheap, then you can’t beat the ‘temple massage’. If you visit any of the main temples in Chiang Mai, you’ll notice that there’s usually a section reserved for massages. They’re basic as hell (think mats lining the floor and multiple people in the same room), but they’re are about as cheap as you can find them – usually, around 150 THB ($5 USD) per hour.

4. Enjoy a Bowl of Khao Soi

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (3)

Chiang Mai is worth visiting just to eat khao soi, arguably Thailand’s greatest food and typically only found in northern Thailand.

(Video) Why YOU Should go To Chiang Mai in The North of Thailand. May 2022

What is khao soi you ask? Well, imagine if red curry and noodle soup had a love child.

Khao soi is a traditional northern Thailand curry made with rich coconut milk and local herbs and spices. Unlike most other Thai curries, is not served with a bowl of steamed rice but instead has delicious 2 types of noodles submerged in it.

First, there are the thick, soft noodles and then the bowl is topped with fried crispy egg noodles. Khao soi is a delight!

There are a number of restaurants scattered throughout the city, but some of our favorites are Khao Soi Mae Sai and Khao Soi Nimman.

5. Well, Food in General

Actually, it’s not just the khao soi that makes Chiang Mai worth visiting, it’s the food scene in general.

There are no two ways about it: Chiang Mai is a foodie’s paradise. If you love good food, then Chiang Mai is 100% worth visiting.

Some of our favorite restaurants include:

  • The House by Ginger
  • Freebird Cafe
  • Northlands Restaurant
  • Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s not just the restaurants that make Chiang Mai worth visiting. It’s the abundance of fresh produce that can be found all over the city, plus the juice and smoothie bars. Let’s not even get started on the mango sticky rice!

6. Take a Cooking Class

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (4)

After you’ve eaten all that delicious food, one of the best things you can do in Chiang Mai is to take a cooking class!

Cooking classes have quickly become one of the city’s most popular activities and there are dozens of schools offering classes.

When choosing a class, be sure to check how many dishes you’ll be making, whether or not you’ll visit a market, and how many people will be in the class. You’ll want as much personalized instruction as you can!

We’ve taken a class with Chiang Mai Secret Cooking School and can’t recommend them enough.

Trust us, Chiang Mai is worth visiting to learn the skills so you can whip up a delicious pad thai for your friends and family when you get home. They’ll be impressed!

7. Markets Galore

A visit to Chiang Mai is worth it to sample some of the city’s great markets. Chiang Mai boasts a diverse range of fascinating markets, in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best:

  1. The Sunday Market is the familiar face of the bunch. Stretching from Tha Pe Gate to Ratchadamnoen Road, every Sunday this market pumps out food, trinkets, and music. We recommend a foot massage!
  1. The Wualai Walking Street Market happens on Saturdays, opposite the Chiang Mai Gate. It’s a lot less crowded than the Sunday Market and has a great laid-back vibe.
  1. The Warorot Market is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and most popular markets. Set in a multi-story building, this has everything from clothing and merchandise to produce and food stalls. It’s also really popular with locals in addition to tourists.
  1. The Muang Mai Market, while lesser-visited than the others, is a great cultural experience. It’s a wholesale market located in the northeast of the city.

8. Fun Day Trips

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (5)

With stunning mountain scenery just outside the city limits, Chiang Mai is the perfect place to base yourself for some fun day trips or find hidden gems.

As an added bonus, if you’re confident driving a scooter and want to head out on two wheels, it’s super easy and affordable to hire a scooter.

Here are some of the best day trips you can make from Chiang Mai:

  • Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand, is located just 2 hours from the city. Doi Inthanon National Park (entry 300 THB per person) is over 480 sq km and home to numerous waterfalls and hiking trails.

You can reach Doi Inthanon by scooter, or if you’d prefer four wheels, then via songthaew or even taxi (this should cost around 3000 THB).

  • Huay Teung Tao

This human-made reservoir, located only 14 km from Chiang Mai’s old city, is a great place to chill for the day. It’s super popular amongst Thai families.

There are bamboo huts right on the water, you can grab some food from one of the many restaurants and now you can even paddleboard on the water!

To get to Huay Teung Tao, drive a scooter, catch a songthaew or hail a Grab (a ride-sharing app).

(Video) visiting Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok - Thailand Travel (2023 Guide)

  • Drive the Samoeng Loop

This 100 km loop traverses the hills just outside of Chiang Mai. Driving straight through takes 3 hours, but what’s the fun in that?

Take your time as there are plenty of scenic spots to stop along the way. Don’t miss Nam Tok Mae Sa, a tiered waterfall great for swimming.

9. Fun Nightlife

With so much buzzing activity, and a youthful, university-student population, it’s worth visiting Chiang Mai to experience its fun nightlife.

You’re not going to find a ton of activity in the old city, but just outside you will find the North Gate Jazz Co-Op, our favorite spot for some live music.

Nimman is where you’ll find really excellent nightlife. This trendy neighborhood is filled with tons of great restaurants and bars. For that reason, it’s the most popular area with expats.

10. The Vibe Baby!

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (6)

And last, but definitely not least, on our list of all the reasons Chiang Mai is worth visiting, is simply for the vibe that makes Chiang Mai such a fun city to hang out in.

Chiang Mai is a big global hub, with lots of expats and digital nomads hanging around.

Due to the low cost of living, combined with all of the awesome reasons above, Chiang Mai attracts creative and interesting people from all over the world, who give the city a beautiful, multicultural, and buzzing energy. It’s one of our favorite cities in the world, along with Istanbul and Melbourne.

Chiang Mai is super creative and innovative and you can get a sense of this energy just by walking the streets or spending time in any of the many amazing cafes.

With so many interesting foreigners and locals hanging around, there’s a wealth of meet-ups and activities happening in Chiang Mai that you can get involved in.

How to get to Chiang Mai

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (7)

No matter where you’re coming from, Chiang Mai is pretty easy to get to.

Coming from overseas, you’ll most likely have a layover before landing at Chiang Mai airport. These mostly come from other Asian destinations, like Singapore, Seoul, and Beijing.

When traveling domestically, you can get to Chiang Mai via plane, train, and bus.

Chiang Mai’s airport is serviced by flights from every other major destination in Thailand as diverse and far apart as Mae Hong Son in the north to Phuket in the south.

Chiang Mai has a big train station, with trains arriving throughout the day. From Bangkok, it’s around 12 hours.

In northern Thailand, essentially all roads lead to Chiang Mai, so there will be a bus heading to Chiang Mai from any destination north of Bangkok that you can think of!

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

Due to its ranking as one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand, Chiang Mai is brimming with excellent accommodation options.

Think cute boutique guesthouses, rooftop pools, and fun hostels, all for an absolute bargain.

Here are some of the best places to stay in Chiang Mai:

Chirin Home (Budget Option)

Book a stay with Chirin Home which has all the modern comforts you could ask for, even a (very small) pool.

It’s within walking distance from the night bazaar and about 2 miles from the bus station.

>> Check Best Prices for Chirin Home! <<

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My Chiang Mai Boutique Lodge (Mid-Range Option)

We really enjoyed staying at the My Chiang Mai Boutique Lodge. The location is good, the rooms are comfortable and the pool is much appreciated after a long day of sightseeing.

>> Check Best Prices for My Chiang Mai Boutique Lodge! <<

Pao Come Boutique House (Mid-Range Option)

We’ve stayed at Pao Come Boutique House a couple of times and have really loved it. Set on a quiet back street, Pao Come has a super tranquil vibe, which is enhanced by its Lanna-style of architecture.

Note that the second-floor rooms are considerably better than the ground-floor options, so try to seek one of these out if you can.

>> Check Best Prices for Pao Come Boutique House! <<

Glory Boutique Suites (Mid-Range Option)

The units at Glory Boutique Suites are excellent, but what really makes it shine is the rooftop pool! Note that non-guests are allowed to use the pool if they order from the bar.

>> Check Best Prices for Glory Boutique Suites! <<

FAQs: Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting?

Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (8)

How many days should you spend in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is the type of place you can spend weeks, if not months in, but we understand that not everyone has that type of time.

We suggest budgeting for at least 4 days in Chiang Mai. This way, you have enough time to explore the city, take a cooking class and head out to the hills for some nature time.

Is Chiang Mai or Bangkok better?

Both Chiang Mai and Bangkok are incredible world-class cities, but if we had to make a choice, then, well… our vote would go to Chiang Mai.

While Bangkok has skyscrapers and big-city energy, Chiang Mai has all the conveniences of a city, but in a more laid-back, manageable form.

When is the best month to visit Chiang Mai?

December is the best time to visit Chiang Mai. Thailand’s rainy season is from June to October and the north experiences an additional smokey season from February to May.

In December, you can expect pleasant daytime temperatures of around 77°F-81°F (25°C-27°C), clear skies, and nights cool enough for a sweater.

Is Chiang Mai safe?

Chiang Mai is very safe and we’ve never had any worries about our safety during our numerous visits. That said, you do need to still exercise caution when crossing the road–the traffic in Chiang Mai can get crazy and cars will not stop for you!

Final thoughts: Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting?

Is Chiang Mai worth visiting? Absolutely!

There’s just so much to love about Chiang Mai: it’s accessible, easy to walk around, laid-back, has a great climate (outside of the smokey season) and again, it has that vibe!

If you’re spending any time at all in Thailand, be sure to pencil in a visit to Chiang Mai. It’s so worth it.

About the Author: Dotti Mazga is one half of Travel Oasis, a worldwide travel blog focused on outdoor adventures and cultural travels in both common and uncommon destinations. When we’re not hanging out in fun cities like Chiang Mai or Istanbul, we love seeking out lesser-known places in the world. You can often find us camping in our little orange tent and embarking on adventurous multi-day hikes in places as diverse as Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

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Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (9)
Is Chiang Mai Worth Visiting? (And 10 Excellent Reasons to Visit) | Her Wanderful World (10)

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Is it worth it to go to Chiang Mai? ›

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, perhaps second only to Bangkok in its appeal. It's a cool mountain town known for its hill tribes, lush rainforests, elephant sanctuaries, and interesting cuisine.

What is so special about Chiang Mai? ›

Chiang Mai is most famous for its beautiful ancient temples, though there is much more to see and do. The striking mountainous landscape around the city provides a lot of wonderful natural attractions and is home to two tribal villages.

Is Chiang Mai beautiful? ›

With beautiful nature blended with Lanna Culture and colours of contemporary perfectly Chiang Mai is, therefore, a province that has many tourists, both Thai and foreigners, come in many millions each year.

How many days do you need to see Chiang Mai? ›

Ideally four nights and five days will give you enough time to explore and get a true sense of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 and is located in an area of majestic mountains. This city was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom and remains a religious and cultural centre.

What to avoid in Chiang Mai? ›

Watch out for pickpockets and scammers: Whenever you're in a crowded area, like the Chiang Mai Night market, pay special attention to your belongings. Don't leave your phone in your back pocket or sling your purse over one shoulder. Drinking in public is probably not the best idea.

Should I go to Chiang Mai or Phuket? ›

If you're looking to do nothing all day, read a book, sip a wine or cocktail and hang out on the beach then Phuket is your choice. However, if you're looking for more physical activity like hiking, Elephant Trekking and more cultural activities Chiangmai is the choice for you.

Why do people love Chiang Mai? ›

Chiang Mai is one of the cultural capitals of the country. It was also once the capital of Thailand, and the many temples and ruins scattered around the city are proof of this. A visit to Thailand is arguably not complete until you have ventured to this historic city.

What is the best month to visit Chiang Mai? ›

November to February: This is the ideal time to visit Chiang Mai because the weather is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. While it does not get too cold, you should carry a jacket and some light woolens.

Is Chiang Mai cheap? ›

Chiang Mai can be as cheap or expensive as you want (like most of Thailand). But if you stick to the local markets, avoid the fancy organic restaurants that have popped up, and stay in the old city, you can save money easily!

What should I wear to Chiang Mai? ›

What to pack
  • Tops. It's most likely going to be hot in Chiang Mai so make sure you pack tops that are made from lightweight or breathable fabric. ...
  • Bottoms. Again, you want to opt for a material that is either quick dry or extremely lightweight and breathable. ...
  • Outdoor gear. ...
  • Dresses. ...
  • Scarf. ...
  • Nice clothes. ...
  • Swimwear. ...
  • Pyjamas.

Should I go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai? ›

If you're looking for a peaceful, quaint town where you can relax and always be close to the mountains, jungles, and greenery, you'll always choose Chiang Mai. On the other hand, if you want to explore a vibrant city where you'll never run out of things to do, you'll definitely choose Bangkok.

Can you walk around Chiang Mai? ›

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city to walk around, especially during the “Thai Winter” time – November – February, when the temperature is cooler.

Do you need a car in Chiang Mai? ›

Honestly, we recommend renting a car only if you're travelling outside of Chiang Mai to places like Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle, etc. If you don't need to travel outside the City, stick to the other modes of transportation mentioned above.

How much money do I need in Chiang Mai? ›

You should plan to spend around ฿1,307 ($38) per day on your vacation in Chiang Mai, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ฿299 ($8.68) on meals for one day and ฿106 ($3.09) on local transportation.

Can you drink the water in Chiang Mai? ›

Unless treated by means of an in-home water purification system, the municipal water that supplies Chiang Mai is best considered not safe to consume direct from the tap (faucet) and should therefore be sourced from elsewhere.

What do I need to know before going to Chiang Mai? ›

22 Things you need to know before you visit Chiang Mai
  • It gets really hot. ...
  • You'll need to carry tissues. ...
  • Pack light. ...
  • The local currency is Thai Baht. ...
  • Uber is cheapest. ...
  • You need to haggle for things. ...
  • A little Thai goes a long way… ...
  • You can't drink the tap water.

How do people dress in Chiang Mai? ›

In general, locals in Thailand dress very conservatively with knees and shoulders covered at all times. My husband's cousins in Thailand almost never wear shorts that I've seen, even when it's 90 degrees out. Though most locals turn a blind eye to what tourists wear except at temples.

Is Thailand or Hawaii better? ›

If you're looking for fantastic beaches, superb food, and a holiday with an exotic edge, then Thailand will be a better choice than Hawaii. Thailand is also cheaper too. However for outdoor enthusiasts who want jaw-dropping hikes, incredible surfing, and laid-back beaches, Hawaii would be the perfect holiday.

Does Chiang Mai have beaches? ›

Chiang Mai is far from beaches.

If you want to get from Chiang Mai to a beach, you'll have to fly to Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Samui. If you're going by bus or train, though, it will take you one 12-hour bus or train to Bangkok, followed by another 12-hour bus or train to the Andaman Coast or the Southern Gulf Coast.

What time of the year is best to go to Thailand? ›

For ideal weather, visit Thailand during the dry season, which for most of the country kicks off in November and lasts through March or even into April and May. (A major exception is the Lower Gulf — home to the island paradises of Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Tao — which is rainiest from October through December.)

Does Chiang Mai speak English? ›

Consequently, population centers that host many foreigners, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the islands have many people who can speak both Thai and English quite well. That said, visitors may experience difficulty picking up the Thai language as it is considerably different from many foreign languages.

Does Chiang Mai get cold? ›

Set in the mountainous area of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai's climate is very seasonal, with temperatures reaching up to 40°C in summer, and down below 10°C in winter. Compared to Bangkok and the other southern cities of Thailand, Chiang Mai is slightly cooler and enjoys a relatively lower humidity.

What language do they speak in Chiang Mai? ›

While most inhabitants speak Thai, there are many older inhabitants that also speak the former Lan Na Kingdom's unique language known as Northern Thai, Lanna or Kham Mueang.

Does it rain a lot in Chiang Mai? ›

Of course some days will have more rain than others but with temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius a few natural showers per day can be nicely refreshing. Don't worry, during the months of rainy season it won't rain everyday and having a full day of rain is very rare in Chiang Mai.

Where do the rich live in Thailand? ›

Chidlom, Langsuan, Ratchadamri, and Sala Daeng are the top 4 areas chosen by Thai Billionaires to build these majestic and luxurious residential castles, and while many of these billionaires have multiple properties in these areas, some will be used solely for investment purposes with the expectation that property ...

Do you tip in Chiang Mai? ›

When dining at smaller, street-side restaurants and cafes in Chiang Mai, leaving behind your small change is sufficient enough as a tip. Alternatively, round the bill up when doing calculations and always try to pay in cash. At higher-end restaurants a 10% gratuity is standard tipping etiquette.

How many Americans live in Thailand? ›

United States40,2301.56
16 more rows

Can you use US dollars in Thailand? ›

Do they accept US dollars in Thailand? Yes, you can US Dollars in Thailand. As we have explained above, it will be cheaper for you to buy USD instead of Thai Baht.

Do people wear jeans in Thailand? ›

Thais wear jeans, but it's safe to say that most Westerners aren't acclimated to the heat and will be waaay too hot. Jeans also take a long time to dry on a clothesline and are heavy in your suitcase. 100% cotton shirts take a long time to dry compared to shirts with cotton blends.

What is considered rude in Thailand? ›

Pointing at another person with one's index finger or feet is considered rude. The soles of one's feet should never be pointed at another person. One should sit in a way that avoids this. Feet should also not be rested on tables or pillows that people sleep on.

Which is cheaper Bangkok or Chiang Mai? ›

Cost of living in Chiang Mai (Thailand) is 27% cheaper than in Bangkok (Thailand)

Is the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai worth it? ›

Day Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Traveling at daytime is a great way to see the beautiful scenery up to the North of Thailand. Also, if you want to see some places and attractions on the way to Chiang Mai, then the day train is definitely the best choice.

Is Thailand better than Bali? ›

#1 Thailand is MUCH bigger

If you prefer being able to travel around a destination quickly and “see it all,” then you might enjoy Bali more. If you're looking for a destination that offers a range of different cities—each full of its own sub-culture, activities, and climates—then Thailand is an ideal choice.

How long does it take to walk around Chiang Mai Old Town? ›

Check out this 3.8-mile loop trail near Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 21 min to complete. This is a very popular area for birding, hiking, and road biking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Is Chiang Mai cooler than Bangkok? ›

While Chiang Mai is still on the warm side, it's considerably cooler than Bangkok. It's situated in the mountains at a high altitude, so temperatures are much more bearable than other Thai cities on the southern end of the country.

Do you need malaria tablets for Chiang Mai? ›

Malaria precautions

There is low to no risk in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Sot, Pattay and Phuket, the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Chang and the River Quai bridge area. High risk areas: atovaquone/proguanil OR doxycycline is advised throughout the year.

Can I rent a car in Thailand with US license? ›

An international driving license is accepted as long as it is valid, but a foreign license is not accepted in Thailand.

Do they have uber in Chiang Mai? ›

Yes, you can use GRAB and UBER in Chiang Mai, the two popular mobile ride-sharing app that allows you to call for taxi services right at your fingertips.

Is 1000 dollars a lot in Thailand? ›

So let's get into it – How long can you live in Thailand with 1000 USD? A budget of $1000 is enough for a person to live in Thailand for 4-8 weeks. This will include accommodation ($7), 3 meals ($6), 3L of water ($2),transport ($2) per day. This comes to a total of $510 per month.

How much dollars can I carry to Thailand? ›

How much cash can you bring into Thailand? What are the limits? Details of the customs regulations in Thailand can be found on the Thai Customs Board website. According to the details available online, you can bring up to $20,000 - or the equivalent - into Thailand, without needing to take any specific action.

How much cash should I carry to Thailand? ›

How much INR can I carry to Thailand? The minimum amount of money required to enter Thailand is 10,000 baht (INR 23,411) per person and 20,000 baht (INR 46,283) per family. You're not permitted to import more than 50,000 baht (INR 1,17,057) per person.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Thailand? ›

Shorts or trousers

Shorts are pretty common in most bars catering towards Westerners, and they're fine in many casual Thai nightspots too. For nightclubs in Bangkok and some other areas, men won't be allowed in without pants. Women can pretty much wear the right pair of shorts anywhere.

Do you tip in Thailand? ›

Tipping is NOT customary in Thailand, there is absolutely NO mandatory requirement to tip anyone, but small gratuities for great service are very much appreciated. Unlike some other parts of the world, you will never see a Thai service provider with his hand out waiting for a tip.

Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Chiang Mai? ›

Generally speaking, and officially, the tap water you'll find throughout most of Thailand is clean. However, that doesn't mean that you should regularly drink directly from the tap. You should always drink bottled water and it's even advisable that you use bottled water when brushing your teeth.

Which is better to visit Chiang Mai or Bangkok? ›

If you're looking for a peaceful, quaint town where you can relax and always be close to the mountains, jungles, and greenery, you'll always choose Chiang Mai. On the other hand, if you want to explore a vibrant city where you'll never run out of things to do, you'll definitely choose Bangkok.

Which part of Thailand is most beautiful? ›

The 15 most amazing places to visit in Thailand: from glittering temples to golden beaches
  1. Bangkok. Best city for backpackers. ...
  2. Khao Yai National Park. Best place to see wildlife. ...
  3. Phuket. Best for family travelers. ...
  4. Ko Tarutao. Best island escape. ...
  5. Kanchanaburi. Best region for local history. ...
  6. Chiang Mai. ...
  7. Railay. ...
  8. Isan Region.

Is Chiang Mai walkable? ›

Although Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, it's very walkable—especially the Old City, surrounded by the moat and remains of the defensive wall. Take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures to wander around the small streets and visit ancient Buddhist temples and small markets.

What is the hottest month in Chiang Mai? ›

The hot season which runs from March to May is Chiang Mai's hottest time of the year with midday temperatures often climbing beyond 32°C. On average April is the hottest month with daytime temperatures can rise up to 40°C.

How long is the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai? ›

The distance from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train is 744 km (from Bang Sue Central Station). The duration of the train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is between 10 and a half hours for the fastest train, to a little under 14 hours for the slowest train (if they run on time).

How much is sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai? ›

Ticket Prices from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
Seat TypeOnline PriceStation Price
1st Class A/C Sleeper1,753 to 1,903 THB1,453 to 1,653 THB
2nd Class A/C Sleeper1,011 to 1,291 THB761 to 1,041 THB
2nd Class A/C Seat891 THB641 THB
2nd Class Sleeper Fan831 THB581 THB

How long is the bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai? ›

Buses between Bangkok and Chiang Mai take around 12 hours and there are several services, both during the day and night. Most buses to Chiang Mai leave from Mo Chit Bus Station (also known as the Northern Bus Station) and arrive at the Arcade Bus Station.


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