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12 Beloved British Snack Foods Missing from Your Life. Hobnobs! Hula Hoops! Cadbury Fingers! As an Australian living in New York, I often have to defend my home country's cuisine โ€”like Tim.

The 15 most British foods ever

KP Nik Naks. KP Nik Naks - Nik Naks are an extruded corn snack that's been sold in the UK since the early 1940s. They're quite similar to Cheetos, but with some vastly different flavors. While the original flavor was cheese, you can now get them in Scampi 'n' Lemon, Nice 'n' Spicy, Rib 'n' Saucy, and Pickle 'n' Onion.

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Walkers is one of the most popular British snacks that mainly serves the UK and Ireland. Producing potato chips and other snack items is what the business is best known for. Walker Crisps controlled 56% of the British Crisp market in 2013. The company was created by Henry Walker in 1948 in Leicester, England. 2. KP Hula Hoops

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Fudge. One of the most loved British desserts is a delicious piece of fudge. This soft treat is made of sugar, milk, butter, and other ingredients for a variety of tastes including caramel, strawberries and cream, and maple walnut. Ingredients are melted together for a warm snack. Or, enjoy it later at room temperature or cold.

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This British snack is the ideal presenter of the unusual and unique type of thing you can eat. This tasty British treasure is in fact whole wheat baked stick with a Marmite-yeast based coating. If you love this type of dry snack, we advise you to try and eat them with some dip - hummus or cheese. Jacob's Twiglets.

Top 10 Favorite British Foods and Drinks

Mr Trotter's come in three flavours: original, mustard and jalapeรฑo chilli. Ponsonby, who once curated a seven-course pork scratching menu (using them to top a fish pie is a novel idea) is partial to the mustard. "But it depends on your mood," he confides. "They go particularly well with Mr Trotter's beer, too".

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The Prawn Cocktail is a favorite. Amazon/Walkers. Essentially the British version of Lays chips, Walkers offers more unique flavors than their American relative, including Prawn Cocktail.

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Ribena - Ribena is a drink that's really popular with children in the UK. This is a soft drink or fruit juice, normally made with blackcurrant (although they do make other flavors). This wasn't my favorite snack (I'd rather drink tea), but it was fun to try! Penguins - Penguins are a chocolate cookie filled with a chocolate cream.

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Launched in 1977, this baked corn snack comes in the distinctive shape of a monster's foot. There are three classic flavors - pickled onion, roast beef, and flamin' hot - though limited edition options come out from time to time, too. Part corn and part potato, these crunchy cylindrical snacks were introduced in 1972.

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Push Pop. Another novelty candy that was essentially a thick lollipop that retracted into a capped plastic tube. It could be pushed out to eat, and pushed back and saved for later. *cringes.

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British food isn't bad, be it English or from any of the other three corners of the UK. It's just misunderstood. It's time to reevaluate our assumptions with 20 classic dishes - from.

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Parsley. Mace. Marjoram. Black Pepper. Cumberland scotch egg is a type of scotch egg originating from England, and they're especially popular in Cumbria. This snack consists of soft-boiled eggs that are wrapped in Cumberland sausage meat, coated with breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried in hot oil until golden and crispy.

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Eccles Cake. The Eccles cake is the fifteenth snack in the ultimate guide of must-try UK snacks. This traditional British treat is made from a flaky pastry, filled with currants, and finished with sugar dusting. The Eccles cake originates from the town of Eccles in Greater Manchester and has been enjoyed by generations since the early.

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Served cold and often seen next to the aforementioned sausage roll on picnic spreads and in supermarkets, the mini pork pies are a great snack for when you want something heartier. 10. Tunnock's Teacakes. Teacake has many meanings in the U.K., especially regionally, but if you're in need of a treat, find Tunnock's.

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12) Bangers and Mash. Bangers and mash (also known as sausage and mash) is often found in British pubs and is classed as traditional British 'pub grub'. The hearty dish consists of sausages with mashed potatoes - accompaniments include onion gravy, peas and fried onions. The perfect winter warmer.

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