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And during Prohibition it was possible to get PBR-brand cheese. "Aged in the brewery's ice cellars, Pabst-ett cheese was sold to Kraft in 1933," writes Vinton. Brewing Soft (Or Not-So-Hard.

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The company even released a cookbook in 1931 called "Recipes the Modern Pabst-ett Way," filled with dishes that called for the savory, spreadable "cheese food." Pabst eventually sold its recipe to the Kraft Cheese Company, which already owned another popular brand of processed cheese, Velveeta. Cheers to innovative, cheesy solutions in a.

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As you can guess the cheese has ties to the Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wis. With the advent of prohibition in the 1920s, the brewery needed to chang.

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By 1930, over 8 million pounds of Pabst‑ett brand had been sold. Kraft eventually buys out the Pabst cheese operations. Pabst opens new brewery in Peoria, Illinois and introduces packaged beer in cans one year later. Pabst purchases Hoffman Beverage Company in Newark in 1946, and Los Angeles Brewing Company in 1948. Production and sales.

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Pabst-ett advertisement from 1927. Thus, Pabst-ett was born, a processed cheese spread that was marketed as "not cheese, but more than cheese.". And unlike beer, Pabst-ett could be marketed toward family members of all ages. One advertisement read "It is as digestible as milk; more nourishing than milk; the cheese-product young children.

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6.PBR got a special shout-out in the country song "Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer", which went on to become a charting hit in 1973. The singer Johnny Russell also ended up looking.

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During Prohibition, Pabst sold more than eight million pounds of a processed cheese spread called Pabst-ett that was aged in the brewery's ice cellars. After the repeal of Prohibition, Pabst.

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After Prohibition ended in 1933, Pabst sold the cheese business off to Kraft who continued to produce Pabst-ett cheese until at least the late 1940's. This ad was from the time when Pabst and Kraft we locking horns over copyrights. It's so typical of ads in the late 20's, especially borrowing from the ad campaigns of shortening in that's it's.

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Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, made a processed cheese called Pabst-ett, selling more than eight million pounds during Prohibition. Kraft was so threatened by the Velveeta-esque product that it sued Pabst and won. Coors, in Golden, Colorado, became the world's largest supplier of malted milk, which it sold to soda fountains.

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Kraft Foods later acquired Velveeta, and Kraft felt so threatened by the Velveeta-esque Pabst-ett product that it sued Pabst for infringement in 1924 and won. Instead of forcing Pabst to completely fold its cheese operations, Kraft allowed Pabst to continue making the product, and the brewery paid a 25-cent royalty per 100 pounds of cheese.

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San Francisco Examiner - Aug 7, 1927. Pabst-ett is not cheese — but more than cheese. It is made by the Pabst process which conserves the nutritive value of whole milk — the milk sugar, milk proteins, and body-building milk mineral elements lost in cheese making. It is as digestible as milk; more nourishing than milk; the cheese-product.

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Pabst-ett Cheese Recipes: Pabst-ett Rarebit with Blue Ribbon Beer, English Monkey, Baked Macaroni Pabst-ett, Pabst-ett Rainbow Sandwich, Frozen Pabst-ett and Prune Salad, Pabst and Jelly Sandwich, Uncle Sam's Fruit Salad, Mushroom Roosevelt, and Many More! Read more. Previous page. Length. 23. Pages. Language. EN. English.

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The Pabst Brewing Company (/ ˈ p æ p s t /) is an American company that dates its origins to a brewing company founded in 1844 by Jacob Best and was, by 1889, named after Frederick Pabst.It is currently a holding company which contracts the brewing of over two dozen brands of beer and malt liquor: these include its own flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon, as well as brands from many now-defunct.

PabstEtt Cheese

The success of that research is Nukraft—a product that looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, but which because of its additional food value, many think should be termed a super-cheese." Whoa! While this is a great story, the reality appears to be that Kraft-Phenix was looking for a product to rival Pabst-ette , a similar cheese food.

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Cheese was sold in three forms, Pabst wonder process cheese, Pabst-ett and pasteurized package cheese. Pabst-ett was the most successful. By 1930, over 8 million pounds of Pabst-ett had been sold. Kraft Foods sued Pabst claiming Pabst had infringed on a Kraft patent for process cheese. Kraft won the case in 1927. The two companies entered into.

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Pabst. During Prohibition, Milwaukee's Pabst Brewery ceased making beer and instead focused on another Wisconsin favorite: cheese! Aged in the ice cellars beneath the brewery, Pabst-ett cheese became a popular snack in the 1920s and 1930s. As soon as Prohibition ended, Pabst sold their popular product to Kraft and started brewing right away.

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